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The final airshow of the World Aerobatic Championships 2019 will take place on Saturday, August 31, 2019, at the Châteauroux-Deols airport.

The airshow place will be accessible to the public from 9:00 AM.

The entrance to the airshow and all the cars parks provided are completely FREE.

These cars parks will also be accessible to motorhomes.

Fast food and beverage sales will be available on place during all the day.

There is no tribune and no shade on the airport. So plan in case of strong heat, to come with hat or cap and your camping chair, as well as fresh water.

Forecast start of airshow flight display: 10:00 am

End of flight display: 18h00 pm

A time break during the flight display will take place during lunch between 12:00 and 13:00.

Below, the list of aircraft that will be displayed in flight during this airshow
(subject to change the same day and depending of weather conditions):

(This list is not the order of dispay of aircrafts !)

Glider Pilatus B4 (Denis HARTMANN)
3 North American T6
ANTONOV 2 (GenAIRation Antonov)
2 Piper L-4
Patrol, Pitts FFA & Extra 260 (Aerobatic duo display)
AD-4N Skyraider (France’s Flying Warbirds)
GameBird GB1 (Top Gun Voltige)
L-39 “Albatros” (Top Gun Voltige)
Canadair CT-133 T-33 (Top Gun Voltige)
Glider- Jet Jonker JS1 (Top Gun Voltige)
North American T6 M0 Japonais (Aéro Rétro)
Patrol “Carnet de Vol” CAP 222 & Pitts S2B (Aerobatic duo display)
Extra 330 SC – EVAA (French Army Aerobatic Team)
Bréguet ATLANTIQUE 2 – Br 1150 ( French Navy Army)
Boeing PT 18 Stearman (France’s Flying Warbirds)
Patrol of 3 Chipmunk DHC-1 (Chippywing)
MS 760 Paris (Armor Aéro Passion)
LOCKHEED 12 A Electra (Passion pour l’Aviation)
L’Alpha Electro – Electric aircraft of the French Aeronautic Federation – FFA
ALPHAJET Solo Display (Air French Army)
DC-3 (France DC3)
Helicopter TIGRE of ALAT (French Light Ground Aviation Army)
Boeing PT13 – Wingwalker Danielle (46aviation)
MC 15 R CriCri – Take-off from a SUBARU car roof (CriCri Team)
RAFALE Solo Display (Air French Army)
CORSAIR F4U (Les Casques de Cuir)
PATROUILLE de France (Air French Army)

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