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Saturday August, 31 : Freestyle – WAC’s podiums – Airshow – Closing ceremony.

Friday August, 30 : End of the fourth program and final outcome of the competition !

Thursday, August 29, 2019: Focus on the Châteauroux Marcel Dassault airport and start of the program 4

Introducing Krysta PARADIS – USA – First World Championship in Châteauroux !

Introducing Svetlana KAPANINA – The russian legend !

Introducing Gianfranco CILLARIO – Italy – The senior of the competition!

Introducing Bénédicte Blanchard, pilot for the French team – Dijon Voltige !

Wednesday August, 28 : Footage History of Aerobatics and random draw of the fourth and last program of the competition.

Tuesday, August 27 – A day in the skin of Mika Brageot that makes you live a typical day on WAC 2019.

We introduce you to the Australian pilot Aarron Deliu, elected the most beautiful pilot of the competition. He has travelled thousands of kilometers for his first participation in the World Aerobatic Championships !

Monday, August 26, 2019 : focus on judges and notations !

25/08/2019: 4th day of competition and end of the second unknown program. The suspense is at its height, the results are very tight !

We invite you to discover the portrait of Louis Vanel, the youngest pilot in the competition and who has made a dazzling journey to get here!

24/08/2019: Back to the training flights ! Learn more about aerobatics by following the debrief of Florent Oddon of the France Team with his coach Patrick Paris.

Stefano Pastrovich, icon of the WAC 2019, is from Italia but represents Monaco !

23/08/2019: A sports competition but also animations for the public!

Discover the portrait of Alexandre Orlowski – alias Popov – pilot in the French Aerobatics team and World Champion in 2015 for his first participation at the WAC !

22/08/2019: First day of competition. Let’s go for the free known !

21/08/2019: Opening Ceremony of the 30th Unlimited Aerobatic World Championships in Chateauroux !

VIDEOS (free copyright):

WAC 2019 Teaser for public display 

WAC 2019 Teaser for sponsors research 

TV Report – WAC 2019

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